Richard Idell

The Rottweiler

Richard Idell is Kremen's enforcer. Frequently described as a "rottweiler", you can actually hear him growling at you when you speak to him.

The manager of for years, Steve Klopf, told me that he tried to avoid calling Idell whenever possible. Even Kremen confesses to be scared of him at times. "But then if I'm scared of him, imagine what he does to those at the other end," Kremen reasoned.

Idell was brought in to fight against Cohen's trademark claims on, where he was using an aggressive Oregon lawyer, Robert Dorband, to force owners of other Internet domains that contained the word "sex" in to hand them over to him.

Such was his impact that Kremen pulled Idell into other work for him, including fighting Charles Carreon's case against Kremen, which led at one point to Carreon's wife attacking Idell in the courtroom. Idell pulled in Wagstaffe and then continued as co-attorney in the case.

He is a partner in his own law firm in San Francisco, Idell, Berman and Seitel, and specialises in copyright and trademark issues in the entertainment and Internet industries. He also remains Kremen's main lawyer - quite a feat since Kremen has been through at least a dozen lawyers.

How has he survived? By being more aggressive than Kremen - sometimes to Kremen.