2 Apr 06

The book:

I've done a chunk of writing, but I have a terrible sense that I'm over-researching. At least I am in as far as the deadline for the book is the end of this month - less than 30 days away and the actual book remains only half-written. I will just have to ignore the research and write the words and then do the additional research and then make additions and changes afterwards.

After all, a book with some detail missing is vastly better than a wonderfully researched collection of magazine boxes stuffed with anontated files on a shelf. Which is what I have now. So from now on it's a writing fest until I finish the book and then I'll go back and revisit.

It's not easy though because, for example, I just received tape recordings of several court hearings. I knew from the Pacer court system that there were four recorded hearings so got this excellent firm in San Francisco to dig them out for me and FedEx them over.

They are old-school tapes and obviously have been recorded on an old tape machine. I hope to god they've updated their technology in cout since because the recordings are pretty poor - huge background and tape noise. Just as well I've half-trained myself on Adobe Audition because I have managed to record the tapes onto my laptop and then do a big clean up. It's interesting stuff to actually hear the lawyers arguing, add some colour and some understanding of this world.

I've grabbed a quick clip which you can hear here [mp3].

And then I also have a HUGE amount of other material to go through - vital documents and so on. Going through Stephen Cohen depositions I've also learnt some new things. About how involved Cohen was with an offshore accounting club and that he was a pilot at one stage - or, at least, claims to be a pilot. You can just never, ever be sure of a single fact about Cohen until you get it verified.

I've been very gradually building up a picture of Cohen and he's a very complex character. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get my insights across in the book.

The case:

This week - in fact Tuesday - will see Cohen and Kremen in court in front of Ware yet again. In fact, you can see the 1pm meeting on Ware's calendar.

01:00 PM C-98-20718-JW Gary Kremen -v- Stephen Michael Cohen, et al. Further Hearing on Order to Show Cause re: Settlement, Property and Ownership (Defendant's appearance is required)

We shall see whether Cohen has managed to supply any information about where his money is and we'll see how much more Ware is willing to take from Cohen. Should prove interesting.

The website:

I've not added anything for a few days. Although I did stick a load of metatags on the pages to open the site up to search engines more and I've linked to the site from a few of my other sites, and it has caused a corresponding leap in visitors and hits, which is nice to see.

I really want to get a proper blog up and running here so people can interact more with the site, but every time I've tried so far it has taken me three hours and I've ended up getting no closer. I need to move hosting deal and I need to get some blog software working properly and I need it to be flexible and simple enough that the blog appears within these pages seamlessly.

And, frankly, getting the actual book done is of more importance at the moment. We shall see. If anyone wants to email me about the site, or the story, or anything else, you can just send an email to [anything] at sexdotcom.info, and I'll pick it up.

And that's this update. More later.