24 Jan 07

The book:

I am just back from a week in Mexico tidying up the book and adding in new material. I found out yesterday I have a deadline of 2 Feb - just over a week away. Tight!

But it is full steam ahead and most excitingly, I have just seen the artwork for the book. Check it out:

I like it. It looks like a book I would pick up. We are currently deciding on the strapline though. The publisher - Nic Cheetham - likes: “One domain, Two Men, Twelve Years and the $65 million battle for the Dubious Jewel in the Internet’s Crown.”

He’s attached to “dubious jewel” - which is the one bit I’m not at all sure off. I suggested: “Two men, one prize, 12 years and counting…” which he felt was not supplying enough information. I’m tempted to agree.

We are currently working with a formulation around a line I came up with: “The first great battle of the digital age.” Does anyone have any ideas? I may knock up a few straplines and stick a vote on the site, get some feedback.

The case:

Well, I've heard nothing from Stephen Cohen, although apparently he is threatening to sue everyone. I have his mobile number so I will call him when I have a second.

There is still no indication yet as to whether he will turn up to the court hearing next month, or what Gary Kremen and his lawyers are planning to do. It really could swing either way.

It is safe to assume though that Cohen has by now done a thorough check on his finances and found out what he has got left. That doesn't mean he will let Kremen get a penny of it, but it will inform his decisions about what to do next.

If you had millions stashed away, would you flee and retire somewhere hot? Or would take the gamble, go back into court and claim penury in the hope of walking out a free man - but with the risk that Kremen's lawyers have got something fresh on you?

We shall see what Mr Cohen has decided in four weeks' time.

The website:

I have added a few bits of info. I finally finally got around to setting up a mailing list - something I should have done six months ago. I have something like 30 people signed up at the moment. But there are still lots of pages to be written and more to be updated.

I really should stick up some more pics and maybe some audio clips of people talking about the case. Top priority though is to finish the book by 2 Feb.