9 Dec 06

The book:

The book was supposed to have been out in the shops by now, but thanks to a combination of factors: half me only finishing the book at the last minute, and half my publisher being too caught up with another project to get the ball rolling, it has set back to, I believe May 2007.

This may prove to be no bad thing. I took the opportunity to go back to California in October to do a further series of interviews. I spent a few days with Gary Kremen, and also visited his lawyers in San Francisco and San Diego. I also went to visit Stephen Cohen in his jail in San Jose. The new material will, I hope, add an extra depth to it.

I will be spending the first week of January in Mexico rehashing the book into what should be its final form. But, of course, the story just keep growing..

The case:

Mr Stephen Michael Cohen was released from jail on Tuesday 5 December 2006 - 14 months after being arrested. Because he was there under civil contempt, Judge Ware felt he had no choice but to let him free when Kremen and his lawyers' failed to track down Cohen's offshore bank accounts in the six months he had given them.

You can see the order here [pdf] as well as Judge Ware's explanation of his decision [pdf]. Cohen is supposed to turn up to court to explain the success (or not) he has had with locating his bank accounts on 26 February. Whether he does is anyone's guess. He has a new lawyer who I have been trying to contact.

Oh, and Cohen's Mexican lawyer faced an assassination attempt on his life in Tijuana less than a day after Cohen was released. People can't decide whether Cohen is seeking revenge or whether El Sapo has been got at by one of the many enemies he has picked up over the years.

The website:

I have updated the site partially. Certainly tried to fill in some of the empty pages. I really need to do more work on this. I have lots of pictures, and tapes and interesting snippets of information, and research to stick up. I will make sure I find time very soon.