6 Apr 06

The book:

I had a brief moment of joy earlier this week when suddenly I felt I could see the light at the end of the book tunnel for the first time. It was a distant glimmer but having been groping about in the dark for over two years, it was a revelation.

At the same time, however, I realised a fundamental error in my approach to writing this book from its very early days. I have vast, vast quantities of material and off-and-on for a long while have been dipping into it, making notes and then leaving it be until I had another day or so free from work to get stuck in again.

Those notes, while very useful, are not saving me from having to go through all the same pages again though - as I had expected. Because when you are writing about that particular aspect, you need to get your head back into events at the time, and so you have to start reading them again. You simply can't retain the *sense* of what is going, and my notes are too dry. I should have read the pages and then written from a human perspective rather than in a note fashion. Insight rather than accurate precis. I didn't realise that until recently, but I won't make the mistake again for the next book I write.

Anyway, I am going through the very long court case chunk by chunk. And I am assimilating all the legal documentation thanks to an ever-increasing stockpile of print-outs, clips, stickers, folders and bits of green string with small metal cylinders stuck on either end.

I am also hyped about it. It is a truly incredible story.

The case:

Cohen appeared in court again in front of Judge Ware on Tuesday. I don't have the full details of what transpired as yet, suffice to say that Cohen still hasn't provided any information about his bank accounts and Ware has refused to let him out of jail until he does.

But, most dramatically, Cohen was not in his usual orange prison jumpsuit - rather, a red uniform and he was shackled. Apparently he has been sending Kremen and his two lawyers death threats from jail. Unsurprisingly, the US prison service doesn't exactly smile on this sort of behaviour and so he has lost some of his priviledges and had his prisoner status changed. I haven't been able to find out exactly what the status change means in reality, so if anyone has experience of the California jail system, please feel free to email me.

It is a remarkable indication of how difficult Cohen is finding being stuck in jail, trying to find a balance between supplying information and making sure Kremen doesn't get his money. He really is a caged beast at the moment. Cohen absolutely hates - hates - not being on top. It's hard not to feel a certain amount of sympathy for him but then at the same time, he knows exactly what he can do if he wants to get out.

The website:

There's not been anything added except these occasional updates. Although I still have some articles I have to add and I am itching to include more of the characters in the whole tale.

One thing I have noticed, following the logs of who's been looking at the site, is that apart from myself, there is one other party who is particular interested in the site. Keeps coming back again and again. I tracked down the IP address and I believe I'm right in saying that VeriSign and no doubt its legal team are keeping an eye on the site, no doubt because they wonder how much of their side of the story will be reported in the book.

They needn't worry though. After all, all the gory details are still under seal in the District Court of Northern California. If anyone from VeriSign wants to get in contact and talk through the Sex.com story, please consider this an open invitation.