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24 Jan 07

The book:

I am just back from a week in Mexico tidying up the book and adding in new material. I found out yesterday I have a deadline of 2 Feb - just over a week away. Tight!

But it is full steam ahead and most excitingly, I have just seen the artwork for the book. Check it out:

9 Dec 06

The book:

The book was supposed to have been out in the shops by now, but thanks to a combination of factors: half me only finishing the book at the last minute, and half my publisher being too caught up with another project to get the ball rolling, it has set back to, I believe May 2007.

13 Jun 06

The book:

It's been a very long time since I've done an update, for the very simple reason that I decided just to get my head down and write, avoiding any distractions along the way. But the book has entered a new stage, so I figured I'd mention it quickly.

6 Apr 06

The book:

I had a brief moment of joy earlier this week when suddenly I felt I could see the light at the end of the book tunnel for the first time. It was a distant glimmer but having been groping about in the dark for over two years, it was a revelation.

At the same time, however, I realised a fundamental error in my approach to writing this book from its very early days. I have vast, vast quantities of material and off-and-on for a long while have been dipping into it, making notes and then leaving it be until I had another day or so free from work to get stuck in again.

2 Apr 06

The book:

I've done a chunk of writing, but I have a terrible sense that I'm over-researching. At least I am in as far as the deadline for the book is the end of this month - less than 30 days away and the actual book remains only half-written. I will just have to ignore the research and write the words and then do the additional research and then make additions and changes afterwards.

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