Article archive (2005)

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An archive of articles about from 2005.

Fri 28 Oct

The con-man who stole the most valuable domain name in the world,, has been arrested by Mexican police and handed over to US agents after nearly six years on the run.

Stephen Michael Cohen was arrested on an immigration violation by Mexican authorities and turned over to the US border patrol yesterday, the LA Times has reported. Cohen is being held without bail at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in San Diego, according to deputy marshal Tania Tyler of the US immigration service.

Fri 28 Oct

A former Rancho Santa Fe man jailed on contempt charges involving the theft of a pornographic Web site was ordered transferred to Northern California yesterday, where a $65 million judgment against him awaits.

Stephen Michael Cohen, 57, was arrested Thursday in Tijuana and appeared in San Diego federal court yesterday, where he admitted he was the man named in a 2001 arrest warrant signed by a San Jose federal judge.

Mon 31 Oct

Following his dramatic arrest late last week thief Stephen Cohen has appeared before a judge in San Diego and been ordered to face the $65m judgement lodged against him nearly five years ago.

Cohen confirmed that he was the man named in an arrest warrant from May 2001. Dishevelled and dressed in a white jail-issue jumpsuit he asked for a court-appointed lawyer and said he hoped to resolve the issue soon, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

Mon 7 Nov

It could be the plot of a sleazy B-movie: a notorious con man becomes an online porn baron after stealing the world’s most valuable internet address, then goes on the run to dodge a $65 million court judgment.

But what became one of the longest-running feuds of the dot-com boom, pitting a convicted fraudster against the rightful owner of the website, is not fiction. Stephen Cohen did hijack, make millions of dollars and skip the country.

Tue 15 Nov

Stephen Michael Cohen, a career con man who made a fortune by stealing a pornographic Web domain in the early days of the Internet gold rush, will not be released from jail until he provides the court with a full accounting of the millions he reaped from the pilfered site, a federal judge has ruled.

Sat 3 Dec

The high-stakes manhunt that ended with the cuffing of Internet porn site thief Stephen Cohen last week in Tijuana may seem like the happy conclusion to a sordid tale of greed, sex, and the excesses of the Internet gold rush.

But for Web entrepreneur Gary Kremen, the founder of, the Oct. 28 arrest simply represents the start of a new, difficult chapter: the one in which he and his attorneys try to force Cohen to cough up the millions he owes him.

Mon 12 Dec

The surreal saga of the adult web portal ten-year tale whose cast of characters includes a convicted felon, a private investigator with a Stanford MBA, a dot-com entrepreneur turned speed addict, a young woman caught with 202 pounds of marijuana, and the operator of a Mexican shrimp farm--has added another improbable twist.