Gary Kremen Wins Permanent Injunction Against Stephen Cohen

Gary Kremen, owner of the web portal, won a permanent injunction against plaintiff Stephen Cohen Friday, marking a major turn in the road for a longstanding case involving the theft of the domain and the recovery of an unpaid $65 million judgment awarded to Kremen in 2001.

According to legal documents obtained by XBiz, the injunction enables Kremen to seize all of Cohen’s assets in the United States, including mail, cars, credit cards, property, eight bank accounts, email, a leased building on the U.S./Mexico border, and a list of around 70 adult and non-adult domain names that Kremen said he intends to sell.

The injunction also includes plaintiffs Jack Brownfield, identified by Kremen as one of Cohen’s “henchmen,” Cohen’s step-daughter Jhuliana, ex-wife Rosa and more than a dozen people and companies known to have aided Cohen in the prevention of Kremen’s recovery of the multimillion dollar judgment.

Describing the injunction as part of an ongoing process that has been months, if not years, in the making, Kremen told XBiz he was very pleased with the ruling handed down by Judge James Ware of the Northern District of California.

“It’s the end of the United States part of the litigation,” Kremen said, adding that the rest of Cohen’s assets are on the other side of the Tijuana border where he has made his home since leaving the country rather than pay restitution to Kremen.

“We’re still working on the Mexico side of the case and getting the U.S. judgment recognized in Mexico,” Kremen said. “It’s all just part of the continuum.”

Kremen is currently working on seizing all cars in the U.S. belonging to Cohen, including one that was impounded by border officials when Cohen’s daughter, Jhuliana, was taken into custody on June 22 after agents allegedly discovered 200 pounds of marihuana in the trunk of her car as she tried to cross the border from Tijuana at San Diego’s San Ysidro crossing.

Kremen filed a lawsuit in federal court against Jhuliana that same month claiming she helped her father conceal and transfer funds owed to Kremen through various business entities and personal accounts.

Kremen told XBiz he is considering using the Otay Mesa building that Cohen formerly leased and turning it into a co-location facility and possibly opening an ISP, although plans are still in the early stages.

There also are five other facilities that Ware deemed were used by Cohen, or those acting in concert with him, to “evade, avoid or otherwise make more difficult Kremen’s collection efforts on the judgment." The owners of those locations have been ordered to hand over any and all inventory related to Cohen.

Additionally, all other plaintiffs named in the injunction have been ordered by Ware to cease any further involvement with Cohen as it relates to Kremen and the collection of his $65 million.

Domain names once belonging to Cohen and now in Kremen’s possession include,,,,, and, to name just a few.

Cohen was not available for comment at press time.