Kremen Collects More From Cohen

Gary Kremen was awarded the keys to several of long-time nemesis and convicted thief Stephen Michael Cohen’s properties Friday by U.S. District Court judge James Ware.

The court turned over to Kremen personal property located at a data center in Otay Mesa, Calif., which turned out to be the jewel of Kremen’s award.

Chris Jester, the owner of hosting service provider Split Infinity, has been working with Kremen in trying to locate Cohen, whom Jester says is currently in Tijuana.

“All of his servers were there,” Jester says of the Otay Mesa facility. “We got to examine his email. I did computer forensics to see where he was accessing from. Steve Cohen is a liar. He says he spends his time in Europe, and it’s all lies. He uses VoIP phone numbers to make it seem like he’s calling from other countries.”

In conversations, Cohen, who is an international fugitive subject to a $65 million judgment for stealing, repeatedly claimed to be in the casino business, operating from Monte Carlo, Monaco. Cohen also repeatedly claimed to be out of the sex business, but several domains awarded to Kremen as part of the judgment appear to say otherwise.

Included in a list of more than 80 domains Kremen has tied to Cohen are such sites as and

Kremen also took control of personal property located at a facility in San Ysidro, Calif., and eight bank accounts belonging to Cohen and a group of affiliated individuals including Cohen business associates Jack Brownfield and Miguel Betancourt, Cohen’s ex-wife Rosa, and ex-stepdaughter Jhuliana, who was arrested earlier this year trying to cross from Mexico into the United States with 200 pounds of marijuana in the trunk of her car.

The court order also gave Kremen access to Cohen’s personal property at six receiving facilities located in Southern California.

“The property … is in the constructive possession, custody, or control of defendant Stephen Michael Cohen and/or other individuals/entities acting in concert with Cohen to evade Kremen’s valid final judgment,” Ware wrote in the judgment.